Time for a ‘Rant’ @ British Telecom

For the past week my internet connection has been, for want of a better word ‘CRAP’. I have BT’s Total Broadband Option 3 with BT Vision and BT Talk.

Since Friday, 6th May, every night from 2300 and every morning from 0900 for about an hour I get this error every five minutes or so.

Once displayed, I am unable to use my broadband connection, view any on demand TV or use my talk phone. As you can imagine, if I’ve paid for an on demand film and every five minutes the BT Vision box displays a connection error it can get a little more than annoying.

I let it go on the first day as I though there may have been a localised problem, but called BT on the second day who were next to useless trying to tell me it was an internal network issue even though I told them I had plugged my laptop directly into the UBS and Ether1 port on the ‘Home Hub’.

After a few more phone calls BT finally sent an engineer to my house today after advising me that if the engineer found there to be a problem within the four walls of my house I would be liable for costs. The engineer arrived at 1550 and conducted a few tests, concluding that there was a strange noise fluctuation on our line and that it was in fact a BT problem. Offering no solution the engineer said he would report his findings back to the support team who would look into the matter further.

Tonight, when it happened again, I rebooted my hub and noticed that the engineer had set it back to factory settings and that the BT Openzone or BT Fon service was enabled and that my iPhone had automatically  connected to it. I tried connecting my laptop and hey presto it connected. My PC was still displaying the error but my laptop was able to connect to the internet using the Openzone/Fon network running off my Hub??? How does that work out??

BT if you read this or my tweets, please get back to me as soon as possible!!

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